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Lightning Process and Life Coaching

Pippa Adamson - Lightning Process and Life Coaching

Pippa Adamson
(Dip Clin Hyp NLP coach)
Registered Lightning Process Practitioner

Surprisingly rapid and lasting change

Whether you are looking for better health, or feeling stuck or needing direction, Pippa will work alongside you to make sure you know how to reach the changes you want to make.

Clients I work with get great results with lots of different things,including:

  • Becoming slimmer
  • Becoming a non-smoker
  • Building confidence and self-esteem
  • Preparing for performances
  • Leaving behind worry and sadness
  • Learning more easily
  • Making decisions

About Pippa

Pippa was diagnosed with M.E. in 1992 after years of tiredness. In 2007 her son was also diagnosed with M.E. That year they did a training course called the Lightning Process which allowed them to learn how to recover. They now both live full and active lives. Pippa has since become a registered practitioner and delivers the course in Bristol, Bath and Worcester. See and for further details.

What is the Lightning Process?

The Lightning Process is a training programme that teaches you to use the connection between your brain and body to improve your health and happiness. It has many applications, combining concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Life Coaching and the principles behind Osteopathy. People report improvement with all sorts of issues including tiredenes, anxiety and pain. We will teach you how to allow your body to re-balance itself.





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