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Whilst little formal scientific research has been undertaken into the effectiveness of osteopathy in childhood, the improvements we see in our young patients leaves us in no doubt that it can provide huge benefits.

Very light touch is used to identify any areas of tension and tightness in the body which can originate from birth or subsequent injuries or illnesses, and which can cause babies to become very distressed..


Osteopathy for Babies and ChildrenA similar light touch is used to correct these disturbances, though as children develop, some gentle techniques similar to those used with adults may be used. When treating babies, very light touch is used to identify areas of tightness or tension in the baby’s body.

If the treating Osteopath is concerned that there is a more serious problem going on, he/she will, of course, refer the baby back to their GP for conventional medical investigations.

Martyn Morgan is happy to talk to parents in advance to advise whether osteopathy is likely to be helpful in individual cases. (Tel: 0117 9291290




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